Why landlords are turning to “The Mint” to manage their rental properties.

What we mean by “complete” Property Management.



Market Appraisal

First we inspect your property, we provide you with a well informed “rental market appraisal” and recommend any improvements your property may need.

Comprehensive Advertising

Your property can be advertised:

  • On our office rental list.
  • On the internet – multiple sites




  • In the local paper with a full color photo or just a lined ad
  • For lease board
  • Full color display on our office window digital displays

Our rental list is regularly e-mailed, faxed and posted to an ever-increasing database of potential tenants.


We have an ever increasing database of potential tenants looking for the right property. Any tenant that is looking for a rental property is asked to fill out a tenant database form. This form is then entered into our database and kept for 1 month, if any property becomes available that matches the tenant’s needs/requirements they are shown through at the first available time.


There are two types of board you can erect at the front of your property for maximum exposure. They are:

  • A 6×4 “For Lease” board.
  • American Stye boards

Minimal Vacancy Time

Our comprehensive advertising reaches a maximum number of prospective tenants. We understand that a vacant property is not producing any income for our landlords. Our aim is always to find a suitable tenant as quickly as possible.

Supervised Inspections

We always accompany prospective tenants through properties, we do not hand out keys for prospective tenants to view properties on their own. This enables us to:

  • Keep an eye on the landlords house and if tenanted the tenants belongings.
  • And meet the prospective tenant.
  • We conduct private inspections, mid week and Saturday open for inspections

Stringent Tenant Selection

We thoroughly screen every prospective tenant’s application. This includes:

  • Checking all references provided.
  • Verifying their employment or financial position.
  • Checking their rental history.
  • Any other checks that maybe relevant.

All tenants must supply us with a 100 point identification check. Our landlords are always contacted and given a thorough run through of the prospective tenants. The final selection is always left to the landlord.

Legal Documentation

We comprehensively complete all the required documentation including:

  • Lease agreements.
  • Conditional Reports with a CD of documented photos
  • Bond lodgment documents.

The bond is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority. An obligations booklet is given to the tenant explaining their rights and responsibilities.

Water Usage

We notify the relevant water company of the tenants details, we then request all usage accounts where properties are metered separately be sent direct to the tenant.


We supply the tenant with the details of a utility company that can have all their utilities transferred into their name with one simple phone call.

Building Relationships

We believe in building a professional and respectful relationship with our tenants, this goes a long way in having a hassle free tenancy for the tenant and ultimately the owner.




Routine inspections are important to ensure that the tenant is fulfilling their obligations and maintaining your property. We conduct regular inspections and keep you well informed with letters, reports, photos and phone calls. If the tenant is required to rectify any maintenance issue, we promptly serve the appropriate notice and or letter and re-inspect the property to ensure that the matter has been satisfactorily attended too.


We promptly notify you of all required maintenance. We work with reliable tradesmen insured trades people that can quickly and cost effectively attend to any maintenance matter for you. In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, you can rest assured that we will contact you as quickly as possible and always act with your best interest in mind.

Lease Renewals

At the landlords request we organise all lease renewals, with recommended rent reviews and increases, to ensure your income is maximised.

Tenant Vacating

When the tenant gives us notice of their intention to vacate, we immediately notify you and commence advertising for a new tenant, always aiming to have the property reoccupied as quickly as possible with a suitable tenant. We provide the tenant a final check list advising of their legal obligations upon vacating.

Exit Report – Final inspection

When tenants vacate, we conduct a thorough exit report. We quickly notify the tenant of any matter that needs attending to. If required we organise the relevant bond deduction and/or transfer of bond to the tenant.

VCAT – Victorian civil and administrative tribunal

If any matter ever has to go to VCAT, we handle all aspects of that process and always keep you well informed with regular updates.



Computerised Accounting

We operate the latest technology combined with property management systems, which accurately accounts to our owners. Our accounts are independently audited, as required by law. We understand the importance of having the rent money paid on time. Our computerised system alerts us immediately the rent becomes over due. We then take the appropriate steps to collect the over due rent money as quickly as possible.


If you wish, we can have all notices forwarded to us for payment from the rent monies and the notices kept in your file for safekeeping, such as Maintenance, Council Rates, Water Rates and Landlords Insurance.

Funds Transferred Quickly

We transfer the rent money to you quickly. We disburse to our owners three times a week. So the money isn’t sitting idle in our trust account, but transferred into your account promptly.

Cheque or Electronic Transfers

You can choose to receive your payments by cheque or quickly and easily by electronic transfer into your nominated bank account.

Rental Statements

You can choose to receive your rental statements by post, e-mail or both. Also if you have more than one property you can receive a separate statement for each property.

Financial Year Statement

Each year we send you an “end of year” financial statement, showing all income and expenses for your property. Again if you have more than one property you can receive a separate statement for each property.




We are always here to help. We at Barry Plant are pleased to provide general advice to anyone who needs a little more information regarding any Real Estate matter. We receive many calls a week from landlords, tenants, vendors and purchasers, who all feel they will get the right reliable advice or information.

Your Interests

We realise that an important part of having an investment property/properties is having a reliable and thorough property manager who will look after your interests. Whether you live next door or overseas you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that your property is thoroughly and professionally managed, always with your best interests in mind.

Up To Date Knowledge

Our property management team not only keeps up to date with any changes that may occur in legislation, but also partake in “The Mint” head office training sessions so we are able to provide our clients with the very best service, knowledge and advice.

Our Aim

Our aim is to build an ongoing professional relationship with both tenant and landlord and to assist you the landlord to maintain and build your Real Estate portfolio.

Market Appraisal

For a free rental market appraisal or simply a friendly chat about our services please call us on 0431 395 893 or 03 9437 8155.













Letting Fee


Our fees are negotiable and include:


  • Advertising of the Landlords choice.
  • Supervised inspections.
  • Processing prospective tenant/s applications.
  • Completing all related documentation.
  • Notifying the relevant water company of the tenant’s details.



Management Fee


A Management Fee is negotiable. Our property management team provides:


  • The highest level of service.
  • Regular inspections of your property.
  • Prompt attention to any rental arrears.
  • Organizing maintenance.
  • Organising lease renewals.
  • Conducting thorough vacating inspections.
  • Paying outgoings from rental monies.
  • Statements and fund transfers.


Miscellaneous fees


Statement fee is negotiable


(There is no statement fee if statements are e-mailed to you and funds are transferred to you electronically)


Tribunal fees (These are standard Victoria wide)


In the unlikely event that a matter is required to be heard by VCAT government fees will be applicable.