Top Tips to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Add some life into any space

Plants are your friends in any rental property. You can pick them up and take them with you when you leave. Try experimenting with different shapes, styles and colour. They jazz up any room and can really bring your home to life. There is no such thing as too many plants so go wild and let those green fingers shine!



Play with texture

You usually will have little to no control over the wall and floor colours but you can enhance spaces with rugs, throws and cushion. Be creative with texture and don’t be afraid to layer pieces together to creative something unique.

Gumtree and Facebook marketplace are your best friend

Are you on a tight budget? Or first home away from the family? Take the time to look through these two websites before spending big on brand new furniture and fittings. You can usually grab a bargain and find unique pieces that will stand out. Keep a keen key out for items that will add character to your home, which is especially great when living in a new build.


Now before you invest on some huge art pieces remember to ask your agent if the landlord is okay with any nails in the wall. If they are then go for it! A big piece of art can add personality to your home and brighten up your big white canvas of wall. Alternatively have a go at making a piece yourself. This was you can incorporate the colours that tie in with your colour scheme and have an instant talking piece.

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Top Tips to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home